Business Setup In Dubai

Are you planning to set up your business in the city of opportunities, Dubai? Then, Alpha solutions is the best one-stop destination where you will get A to Z information from the beginning of business set up towards running and operating it in a fully-fledged way. Starting and setting up the business is the toughest part, and at this stage, proper consultation is necessary to build your business and convert it into a successful business.

Why start and set up business in Dubai:

Dubai is a city of opportunities for business people and is considered a business hub in Asia and Middle Eastern countries. It is a dream destination for many people in business. Dubai grabs the attention of many tourists every year because of its architectural beauty and chain of long heightened buildings. These tourists are the major source of trade between Dubai and the rest of the world. In addition, Dubai gives a comfortable and secure environment to businessmen to generate a good sum of revenue.

Why choose Alpha Solutions:

Every region and country has different rules and regulations for investors, entrepreneurs, and people in business to ensure safe, secure, and efficient business activities inside their markets and business areas. The same is the case in Dubai, where the law is somehow strict and needs legal documentation, registration of business, approval from concerned authorities, etc. These are prerequisites to run your business in Dubai. But don’t worry, at Alpha solutions, we aim to consult you people from the first step towards building your business empire. We have a team of expert consultants with many years of experience in their field. Our experts collaborate with you and the concerned department to process the business setup smoothly and gently.

Alpha solutions provide all the legal information and necessary services to propose your business set up efficiently.

Our services:

There are different things required to set up new business infrastructure, but you have not to worry as our team of experts will assist you in;

  1. Registration of Business and relevant forms filling and submission
  2. Opening of business bank account
  3. Insurance is a necessary part of setting up a new and existing business to ensure the safety of belongings of a business, i.e., Insurance of Employees, liabilities, buildings, etc.
  4. Our expert will consult and help you get your UAE ID, Visa, residence, and trade license. 
  5. Paying mandatory Govt. taxes
  6. Our team will also assist you in Trade Marketing, Digital Solutions, and financial planning.

Contact us:

If you are looking to connect with us or need any assistance, please contact us any time by dialing 0525564671 or drop your query at We are always looking out to assist you!