Certificate Attestation Service for Uae, Pak, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait & Bahrain:

Attestation is a process to validate the authentication of any document or certificate by signing that specific document or document from an authorized person or department. Attestation of the document shows that the authorized person or department is taking responsibility for its authenticity.

If you are moving towards another country or place for employment, residence, education, medical, attestation becomes mandatory. So, if you have any such plans or if you are looking for Certificate attestation services for United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait & Bahrain, then Alpha Solution is a one-stop solution for you! At Alpha Solutions, we offer reliable, guaranteed, and cost-effective documents and certificate attestation services within very little time.

Services we offer:

Board Certificate:

Board Certificate attestation is required if you want admission to the next class. Board Certificate attestation proves its genuineness so you can use attested board certificates in designated countries.

Degree Certificate:

Degree Certificate is generally needed for admission to University or employment purposes. In UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain you will not get any Job without an attested Degree Certificate. So Degree Certificate attestation is mandatory to get employed.

Diploma Certificate:

Have you done your Diploma? Then, it’s time to get it attested from concerned authorities to make it acceptable in your relevant Industries. So, connect Alpha solutions and get them attested without any stress.

Provisional Certificate:

Attestation of Provisional Certificate is needed if you apply for Promotion, VISA Processings, and employment purposes. If you are planning to attest your Provisional Certificate, you may feel that it is a lengthy, time-consuming, and lengthy process but choosing Alpha Solution will reduce your stress and make it happen without any hassle. 

Marriage Certificate:

Marriage Certificate attestation is also mandatory if you want to bring your spouse in your country for residence, for sharing property, for adding her name in passport, for application of passport of your kids, for medical check-up of your spouse and divorce purpose. Your wife can get health benefits and be admitted to the hospital for delivery if she has an attested marriage certificate. So what are you waiting for? Get in contact with Alpha Solutions and get your marriage certificates attested in a very short time.

Birth Certificate:

Birth Certificate needs to be attested if you apply for admission, fresh passport, name change, or getting VISA (for kids without a passport). Alpha Solution also offers attestation services for Birth Certificate attestation.

Death Certificate:

We have extended our services in Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar for attestation of Death certificates. Death certificate attestation is required while claiming insurance of the beneficiary (deceased), for reconciling any legal obligations and needed in property benefaction.

Experience Certificate:

Experience Certificate or Employment Certificate is attested to apply in Govt. and Private Jobs in different countries, for immigration and sometimes to avail banking facilities. It is also required by the organization for change of your designation and promotion purposes. Here at Alpha Solutions, you can easily get your employment/experience certificate attested from concerned departments at affordable rates.

Transfer  Certificate

Transfer certificates serve as proof of the child’s previous education. Without an attested Transfer Certificate, one can not get admission to the premises of any country. We are also offering the services of attestation of Transfer Certificate in UAE, Pakistan, Bahrain, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

CBSCE Certificate:

CBSCE Certificate attestation shows that it is issued by the relevant board and it is required in applying for admission, employment, and sometimes required in a promotion.

Medical Certificate/Report:

Medical Certificate attestation is required if you want,

  • Medical benefits and compensation from any organization
  • To claim Medical Insurance
  • To get sick leave from the office and sometimes to show a medical certificate for your reason of absence from office/company.

At Alpha Solutions, you can avail of our services for attestation of medical reports and certificates. 

Police Clearance Certificate:

Police Clearance Certificate is the documented legal evidence of your exemption from any criminal activity or crime-related activities. It is issued by the local police or law enforcement department which means that you had no criminal record during your stay period in a specific area or country. Police Character Certificate is required for employment, higher education, and residence VISA purposes.

Divorce papers:

Divorce papers are legal documents that show the separateness of two people. Its authenticity can be executed by attesting these documents from concerned authorities. Divorce papers attestation is mainly required for changing the name, getting a certificate of being single, to marry, changing beneficiary details, and getting legal proof of divorce.

Power of Attorney:

Power of attorney is a legal document that gives rights to another person, in return, he will get all the privileges, power, and rights you have. But without attestation, power of attorney stands ineffective. To get it attested, you can reach Alpha solutions, where all attestation services are available at cost-effective rates.


An affidavit is proof of some sort of commitment between two individuals or between an individual and a company. Its genuineness can be acknowledged if it is attested. For this, we are offering Affidavit attestation services at Alpha Solutions, where you can get an affidavit attested in a minimum period.

Company Documents

If you are looking to legalize all the documents related to your company, then you can get reliable attestation services from Alpha Solutions. Alpha Solution believes in trustworthy services at affordable rates.

Why choose Alpha Solutions:

  1. We aimed to provide fastest, affordable, & reliable attestation services across different countries. We do attest your documents and certificates from concerned, authentic, trustworthy & certified sources.
  2. Our services are available across different countries like, Pakistan, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain. Service availability across all India. So you can avail our exciting services in any listed country.
  3. Alpha Solutions offer 24/7 Customer service through live chat. You can also contact us through phone call (0525564671) and email (Info@alphas.ae).
  4. We offer top quality Services with 100% client’s satisfaction.
  5. At Alpha solutions, you will always get lowest prices and fastest turnover with 100% authentication.

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