Consulate Services

Are you seeking out affordable and reliable consulate services in the UAE? Then Alpha Solutions is a one-stop destination for you. Here, we provide customer-friendly and cost-effective consulate services such as Affidavit drafting, VISA & Passport related documentation, changes and corrections in documents, attestation of documents, and undertakings. For these services, we have a team of legal experts having complete experience in providing legal services according to rules and regulations laid by the Government of UAE and concerned bodies. Moreover, Our services will provide you a quick turnaround, so you do not have to wait longer for outcomes.

Our services:

At Alpha Solutions, we aimed to provide these different services under one roof:

  • Address Change in Passport: If you want any changes in your residential or commercial address on your Passport, you have to undergo a lengthy process that will take much time. But at Alpha Solutions, we need supporting documents from you to process the address changes at your Passport.

  • Affidavit for Maid-Visa: Hiring maids for houses and office areas from other countries is slightly common in UAE. But the process to get the Maid-Visa consumes much time, and there are some formalities to get Maid-Visa. One thing which is a prerequisite for getting Maid-Visa is Affidavit. So, if you need such an affidavit, then Alpha solutions is the destination where you will get the affidavit for Maid-Visa.

  • Affidavit to apply Passport for children: Passport becomes obligatory for your children for traveling if they attain the specific age. A passport application also requires an affidavit. So, if you intend to apply for a passport for your children, then visit Alpha Solutions to get an Affidavit for that.

  • Affidavit to sponsor dependents: Are you planning to sponsor dependents in the UAE? Then you will need an affidavit to complete the documentation process. This affidavit will show that you will sponsor your dependents for residence (or any other purpose) in the UAE. So, Visit Alpha Solutions and get an affidavit for sponsoring dependents.

  • Change of name: If you are looking for “Change of Name” services in UAE, Alpha Solutions is the top service provider, through which you can easily apply for changing the name on your VISA, Passport, and other documents. 

  • Change of Address: Changing residential or commercial addresses also requires formal documentation. To change it quickly without any hassle, contact us and get it done in minimum time.

  • Change of spouse in Passport: Alpha Solutions is also offering services related to spouse changing in Passport. You can assist our legal experts and specialists for assistance in Changing your spouse in Passport.

  • Correction of Birthdate: Correction of Birthdate may be a complicated and time-consuming task for you. But at Alpha Solutions, we assure the fastest date of birth changing or modification process.

  • Death certificate attestation: Attestation of the death certificate is necessary if you want to claim insurance, to clear legal documentation, or it is needed in property benefaction. We also provide Death Certificate attestation services.

  • Documents required for bringing employees: You can consult with the legal team of Alpha Solutions to prepare accurate documentation for bringing employees to the UAE. Our team will guide you throughout every step to ensure your employees’ safe and smooth entrance in the UAE.

  • Emergency certificate: If you encounter any emergency and need an emergency certificate to get leave from your company, we will help you out! An emergency certificate is also issued if you are illegally residing in UAE and now you want to fly back to your country.

  • Employment contract: An employment contract serves as an agreement between two parties, i.e., employee and employer. Suppose you are looking for an employment contract format or template. In that case, Alpha Solutions will provide you templates for the Employment contract, according to UAE Ministry of labor rules and regulations. 

  • Exporting a car: Exporting a car from UAE requires proper documentation. So, if you have any such plans, contact us to get speedy services for exporting your cars.

  • Visit Visa: Alpha solutions is also providing services related to Visit Visa. Therefore, you can avail of visit visa services for the fastest and reliable visa processing.

  • Loss of Passport: If you lost your Passport and are getting tensed and puzzled about the next procedure, don’t worry and contact our team, they will guide and assist you in reporting it to the concerned Police station and then apply for a new one.

  • Passport for a newborn baby: A passport is a necessary document required for traveling worldwide. So, it is required to apply a Passport for newborn babies to travel worldwide with children. Therefore we are providing services for applying passports for newborn babies.

  • Passport in lieu of lost: Losing your Passport brings big tension, but getting it again is of great pleasure. If you lost your Passport and are looking for a new one, contact our team to assist you.

  • Passport in Married Name: Are you newly married and looking to change your surname on your Passport, then Alpha solutions is here for you.

  • Passport validity extension: A passport is a document that gives you the opportunity of traveling across countries, but it is not for a lifetime. You have to get a new passport after the expiration of the previous one. But if you need a bit extension in passport validity, we can help you out at Alpha Solutions.

  • Photo change: Seeking out services related to “change of photo” in documents? Then our experts can do it for you. Contact us and apply for photo change through Alpha Solutions.

  • Undertaking for studies: To start higher education in UAE, this is necessary to fill undertaking form. The undertaking is an agreement or oath with rules and laws that one should abide by after singing that. If you have any such intention to study in UAE, then do contact us.

  • Will attestation: Will document reflects the wishes of the testator. Will document is legally important for the distribution of property and other assets. The authenticity of Will document is carried out by attestation. So we are offering will attestation services to process legal procedures accordingly.

  • How to write a will deed etc.: Alpha Solutions have a legal team for assistance in writing a will deed or testament.

Reasons to opt. Services Alpha Solutions:

  1. Fast, secure, and reliable
  2. Cost-effective
  3. Tension-free and hassle-less
  4.  24/7 availability
  5. Customer-friendly services

Our aim is, To get rid of lengthy, time-consuming, and complex documentation formalities, and choose Alpha solutions for the fastest and reliable services, which will give you results in the quickest time without any hassle.