Employment Visa

Because of its geographic location, investor-friendly administration, and overwhelming tourist attractions, the United Arab Emirates is considered a Business Hub in many Asian countries. UAE is providing a comfortable, friendly, and tension-free environment to people in business. During recent years, the ratio of setting up business in UAE keeps getting increasing. Many foreigners who came to Dubai to explore its luxurious life and tourism turned into business tycoons. When they overviewed the business, profit, and success rate, they found UAE feasible to run their business.

Setting up business in Dubai or any other state of UAE is not that easy, but don’t worry. We have a distinguished background in setting up new companies. Alpha Solution is always here to provide exceptional businessmen services at incredible rates.

Every business or company needs human resources to operate efficiently. So for this purpose, you will need a workforce. UAE has different rules and regulations for bringing employees, and Employment Visa is the primary entity required to enter and work in UAE. The PRocedure for getting Employment can be complex for employers because there are some formalities for processing EMployment Visa. Here, you will get all the details about getting Employment Visa & work permit in UAE and our services!


Process for applying for Employment Visa

There are two things essential to bring employees to UAE

  1. Employment Entry Visa
  2. Work Permit and Residence Visa

There are the following steps to get a Permit for work and Residence Visa.

Step 1:

In the First Step, the employer has to get visa quote approval from the UAE Ministry of Labour. This approval may take three days.

Step 2:

In the 2nd Step, the employer has to send Job offer contract to an employee for signature and ask him to send it back. It can also be done electronically.

3rd Step:

In the 3rd Step, you have to get approval from the Ministry of Labor for Wok Permit. 

4th Step:

After approval from the Ministry of Labor, an Entry visa is issued. This Employment Entry Visa (also known as Pink Visa) is issued for 60 days (2 Months). Within 60 days, you have to enter UAE for further proceedings. If an employee is currently in UAE, then he must re-enter to change the VISA status. It is mandatory to get a work permit in UAE along with a residence Visa.


Further steps are medical screening, Emirates ID Application, Biometrical verifications, Labour Contract Signature,  Receiving Labour Card, Medical Health Insurance, Stamipaing on Passport for Residence Visa & Collection of Emirates ID.


Why Alpha Solutions?


As stated above, it is complex, lengthy, and time-consuming to bring employees to UAE and fulfill the requirements of the UAE government. Especially, If you are running a business, you don’t have that much time for this! For this purpose, we have hired a team of consultants and experts to handle all the aspects of recruiting and bringing in employees. Our team will assist you in every step. Alpha solutions have experienced professionals to assist you and your company in getting a workforce from different countries within a shorter time. We offer:

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